Meet State Representative Isabella Fitzgerald

Come one come all to meet our wonderful State Representative Isabella Fitzgerald. Ask a question and maybe even join the team.

Reach out and touch two people and those people will touch two more. Before you realize you’ll touch an entire nation. Reach a little further and your touch may span the universe.

Meet our State Rep. at her April 21st event

Open House Flyer

Support Friends of Isabella Fitzgerald campaign on Saturday, April 28th at our Pantry with a Twist Event.

Pantry with a twist flyer

Come celebrate with the Rep on May 26th at her Northwest Philly Spring Festival.

Details coming soon.



Fundraising Fun

Archie Williams, State Rep. Isabella Fitzgerald, Carlton Williams (Left to Right)

Street event

State Rep Dwight Evans, Isabella Fitzgerald, Sharlene Waller, Ms. Ida

West Oak Lane Street Event

Congressman Dwight Evans, State Representative Isabella Fitzgerald enjoying a West Oak Lane Senior Center event

Masjidullah Event

Chris Williams, State Representative Isabella Fitzgerald

Senator Haywood's Meet & Greet

State Representative Steve Carter, Senator Art Haywood,  State Representative Isaella Fitzgerald, Congressman Dwight Evans

Senator Haywood's Meet & Greet

website photo 7

State Representative Isabella Fitzgerald with sons, Derrek & Ray

Swearing In Event 2016

State Rep Isabella Fitzgerald with grandchildren, Camari, Makaylah & Kelly

State Representatives

State Rep Isabella Fitzgerald & State Rep Joanna McKlinton

website photo 3

State Representative Isabella Fitzgerald with Inspector Anthony Washington & Son

Swearing In Event

State Representative Isabella Fitzgerald with daughter-in-law Stephanie

State Representatives of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania State Representatives

website photo 1

State Representative Isabella Fitzgerald & Joanne Majors

x, Archie, Derrek Fitzgerald, Congressman Dwight Evans

Senator Art Haywood, Representative Dwight Evans, Carpenter’s Union Mungu Sanchez, Adolphus Bey & me. At 10th Ward Fall Festival Bowling Party!


Isabella Fitzgerald at 61st Ward Meeting with Democratic Senate Nominee Shariff Street, Representative Jason Dawkins, Dwight Evans, Ward Leader Pete Lyde


Relish Restaurant Meet and Greet with Dwight Evans, Maryland Congresswoman Donna Edwards, and New Jersey Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, and Me.






True words have never been spoken!


State Rep Isabella Fitzgerald with Governor Wolf at his announcement of raising PA minimum Wage for State Employees and Contractors.

izzy picture with gov wolf

Trent and Carol’s meet and greet. February 26, 2016



Eric’s meet and greet. February 27, 2016


State Representative Isabella Fitzgerald with Mayor Kenney

Izzy with Mayor Kenney

Petition Day Turn-in

Pettition Turn In Day






Why Vote for Isabella Fitzgerald for State Representative?

First and foremost I am a fighter

  • I will fight to continue the momentum of moving forward, not backward, to insure that 36 years of strong, dynamic leadership does not fall by the wayside.
  • I will fight to continue to bring goods and services to this district
  • I will fight to continue to move the agenda in a positive direction.
  • I will fight for the disadvantaged by providing all the resources, information, and services of my office.
  • I will continue to fight for youth and public safety by furthering the mission of NCCY and by continuing to engage Law Enforcement in ongoing dialog with the community.
  • I will fight for quality education for our children by being an advocate, working to insure that all children and schools are serviced equitably.

I have the same challenges and concerns faced by many working families. Working to make ends meet is sometimes a challenge.

I am working to continuously improve my community to ensure that yours and my loved ones have fair chance to achieve success.  I am working to help sustain a clean & safe community.

Isabella Fitzgerald For State Representative